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Katie Lewis has always been involved in health oriented businesses. Katie sold natural gourmet organic foods via in-home presentations in Southern California for several years. Katie also sold whole life and term insurance.

In 2011 Katie moved to Lake Las Vegas with her Fiancé to work with him on several business that they relocated to Southern Nevada. Katie loves Southern Nevada and has become very involved in the community including volunteer for the Red Cross and responding to Hurricane Sandy by driving an Emergency Response Vehicle across the USA solo. Katie and her Fiancé work with several charities in Southern Nevada.

Fitness and health have always been a huge and important part of Katie’s life. Prior to discovering Pilates Katie would do extreme exercises that would be hard on her body. Katie realized that intense workouts was not the best method to sculpt her body. After two torn rotator cuffs and working with a Pilates instructor Katie knew that this is how she could help people. Katie’s Polestar Pilates experience landed her positions working in Keith Kleven’s and Matt Smith’s physical therapy clinics. Her advance training at the aforementioned clinics have permitted Katie to assist dozens of Nevada residents with their rehabilitation and strength building.



Carla has been teaching pilates in Las Vegas after relocating here from CA. She started her background in the original classical pilates technique-training over a decade ago in San Francisco at Golden Gate Pilates. She then did more pilates training with Power Pilates based out of NY. She has taught in LA, Newport Beach, Scottsdale, San Francisco, and Napa Valley. Teaching a wide range of clients from athletes, elderly and anyone trying to maintain a healthy body. Coming from an eclectic background she's always able to keep private pilates sessions or group classes creative and fun while challenging yourself.



I started my career in exercise science/kinesiology in 1993 at the University of Arizona. I have
always been intrigued by a healthy lifestyle, fitness are the overall mental power and strength of the
human body. I received my bachelors degree from UNLV in 1997.

I continued my education at Mount St. Mary's College becoming a Licensed Physical Therapist
Assistant. I did three intense clinical rotations including spinal cord and brain injury, acute in-patient
care and outpatient sports rehabilitation. I enjoyed sports rehab most and started working at an
outpatient sports rehab clinic in Las Vegas, under renowned Physical Therapist, Keith Kleven. Not only
did I leave Kleven's with an extensive background in rehabilitation and strength training, but also as a
certified Pilates lnstructor through BASI.

I have been teaching Pilates for the last 10 years. Pilates has changed my life and many of the
clients l have taught. I have worked with all types of clientele, including: young athletes, teenagers, the
geriatric population and professional athletes, lt is the best over-all workout for all ages. l am a firm



Galina Dorodnova,Geissendoerfer, originally from Moscow, Russia arrived in the fall 1996 to New York as part of the contemporary art show “Nellie Show”.

She absorbed the New York’s dance world, studied Modern, Jazz and other contemporary techniques. In New York she was first introduced to the Pilates' technique, Yoga and Floor-Barre by Zena Rommett. In 1999 Galina was awarded a full scholarship and full-time membership with the New Dance group, a Broadway based modern and classical dance company. She also danced with the Tina Croll Company, Eric Dunlap’s Forward Theatre and participated in the NY Fringe Festival among others.

In 2000 she went back to Moscow for 2 ½ years to teach at her Alma mater the Jazz O.K. School of modern techniques and Jazz. She specialized in teaching kids and young adults, which Jazz O.K. is world renown for. She also started teaching Pilates, studied to become a certified Personal trainer trough the Swedish school Sports Lab at the Moscow Sports University and studied modern dance improvisations techniques in Amsterdam with Anouk van Dijk.

In 2002 she returned back to New York – for Love this time - concentrating on teaching Pilates and to complete the Personal Trainer certification with the International Sports and Science Association. She successfully completed a number of workshops at the Kane school of Core Integration and received her Masters Plates training at Body Tonic, a school which traces their methodology directly to Joseph Pilates. In her private practice she taught people of all ages, body types and worked with physically impaired people besides teaching at Body Tonic and Bally Total Fitness.

In 2009 She moved to Las Vegas. Here Galina was working for different pilates studio’s: Body in Mind, A Body in Balance, Pilates by Irina, Bodies by Pilates.

From 2010 she is Pilates instructor for Cirque du Soleil.
working for Ka, Mystere, Zumanity.

Galina’s teaching philosophy centers around the three maxims:

  1. You don’t have to be perfect, but learn to love yourself and be grateful for your own body
  2. Get to know and feel your own body from the inside
  3. Listen and understand the innate voice of your own body





Monica Arriaga was born and raised in Las Vegas and started her dance training in ballet at the age of five. After that she began studying more techniques including tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, hip-hop, latin ballroom, and mexican folkloric. All of which she continues to practice and learn more about to this day. She attended the University of Las Vegas, Nevada where she earned a BA in Liberal Arts in Psychology in 2007. After that she moved to New York City to continue her dance education. She did one year of independent study at the Alvin Ailey School, during which she began to learn more about the Pilates method. While in New York attending the Ailey School, Monica joined Calpulli Mexican Dance Company as a dancer, teacher for their children's program and administrative intern, as well as performing with DeFunes Dance Company. In 2009 she began her Pilates certification in the classical method. After her training she continued teaching Pilates in New York City until 2011 when she decided to return to Las Vegas.





"I love helping people grow and move past their limitations or rehabilitate their injuries. I push people to the edge of their ability safely and with tons of encouragement."

Samantha currently holds her E-YRT200/YRT500 and a certificate in Thai Yoga. She has well over 2000 hours of teaching classes. She teaches workshops on Chakras, meditation, alignment, and more. She has also has extensive experience doing private sessions, helping clients with everything from coping with cancer, stress management, back injuries, and much more. Samantha uses a chakra based system to address dis-ease (injury) in the body; gently and effectively treating pain and discomfort on physical and metaphysical levels.

As a Yoga Instructor Samantha has learned that her success is contingent on relationships. Samantha believes it is important to get to know students, listen carefully to their needs, and provide them with a supportive and exceptional experience.

Zeek Vincent


In 1993, Zeek Vincent being native to Akron, Ohio made a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for a visit. After witnessing a performance by contortionists, he became fascinated and inspired to develop and understand their talent. Zeek investigated the contortionists wisdom, education and artistry. He started to follow the "path" of reading, study and the practice of Hatha Yoga. The journey led him to the technique of the Iyengar Method in 1994, embarking to pursue yoga professionally. He then was directed toward comprehending Chakras (i.e. aligning the spinal energies to reach kundalini), discovering how to reconnect mind/body back to the celestial source. Zeek made a transitional life change; planning to relocate to greater Las Vegas Valley starting 1995 fulfilling his passion with yoga.
Within two years of discipline, research, and utilizing his knowledge of Chakras he realized that, "We, as individuals are depleting our Life Force-daily! Due to blocked up and hardened energy. Before civilization had gyms, yoga was the first physical fitness exercise and has continued to be used for over 5,000 years. I am dedicating my life to re-introduce this art from my wisdom, transferring it to modern/technological society. I believe if we awaken the enthusiasm inside people toward tuning up' themselves emotionally and physically, we can get back into the excellent heath we were born with!"

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